Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dito's Google Apps Customer Success Story - Annadale Express

Dito, LLC provides setup, integration, & support services for businesses and organizations using Google Apps. Dito, LLC is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller.

Annandale Express is an Under-16 girls travel soccer team who has won four consecutive league championships and competes in the highly competitive Washington Area Girls Soccer League.


The Express team parents needed a better way to communicate with each other to coordinate practices, games, & other team events as well as the ability to showcase Express players to prospective college coaches.


Dito consulted with the team management and recommended using Google Apps to solve the teams challenges. Dito setup Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Gmail, & the Groups feature to allow for full team collaboration.


Annandale Express are now using a single email address to communicate with all of the parents. No more outdated email lists. Everyone gets the message. The entire team has embraced the internal website built using Google Apps. The site includes team news, roster, stats, photos, schedule, & contact information. Parents or players can visit the site to find out if practice has been canceled or if a player can't make it this week. The site is their central communication hub which has daily updates from the coach.

"Google Apps has proved to be an invaluable tool in all aspects of operations for our soccer team. The team at Dito provided us the top notch collaboration solution that we were looking for in Google Apps. I will be encouraging all of my other soccer teams in the future to use Google Apps for all of their team needs as well, " said Annandale Express head coach Shomit Mukherjee.

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